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The Nate Design Competition

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

The Nate, in collaboration with Steelcase, RIBA Hong Kong Chapter & District15 Platforms is excited to announce a competition for all designers in Hong Kong, titled <What will Hong Kong’s Residential or Offices Space Look Like in the immediate future?>.

The winner will receive a month stay at The Nate serviced studios, and:

● A LessThanFive carbon fiber chair, designed by Michael Young and Coalesse, from Steelcase ● An opportunity to showcase the winning design (at a virtual or live event) ● Internship at District15

ELIGIBILITY – Must be at least 18 years old – Hold a Hong Kong Identity Card

DEADLINE for application will be on 30 Nov 2020

The Brief: <What will Hong Kong’s Residential or Offices Space Look Like in the immediate future?>

Post COVID-19, will the way that we live and work change?  In a densely populated city like Hong Kong, where living space is typically small, there will likely still be a need for office space, but what will it look like? And will designers and developers need to also think about how residential buildings are built to accommodate people’s change in working habits, schedules, and increased focus on wellness?  What will these spaces, in which we all spend so much time in look like in the immediate future? 

Applicants are required to submit a short presentation to showcase what they think the office or residential space in the immediate future may look like in Hong Kong.

Your application can use whatever tools you want e.g. floor plans, sketches, renderings,  images, or videos to present your idea. 

You will be judged on: 

-The ability to respond to the brief 

-The clarity of the work in formulating your vision 

-The creativeness of your presentation 

-The practical execution of your ideas 

Please note: 

-All of the submitted work will be kept as confidential and none of it will be used without the prior consent of the author. 

-If you are using software like AutoCAD or Rhino you are asked to convert all outputs into PDF or JPEG format. 

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