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Space Invaders by Stephen Thorpe

Artist talk with Stephen Thorpe on the occasion of his virtual exhibition 'Space Invaders' (2020) with Denny Dimin Gallery.

Denny Dimin Hong Kong presents its first virtual exhibition with Hong Kong-based British artist Stephen Thorpe. The exhibition will feature all new works reflecting on an intense period of self-isolation brought about by Covid-19.

Thorpe is known for his interior-based paintings, which are informed by a longstanding interest in psychoanalysis, sociology, folklore, symbolism and the reality of myth. His painted architectural spaces can be understood as a manifestation of the psyche arrived at through an ongoing and in-depth self-analysis of the personal and collective unconscious. The rooms are the mind. Thorpe describes this as unmapped psychological territories manifesting, and the act of painting as a process of visualizing and harnessing the internal coexistence of order and chaos.

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