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Workshop "In Dialogue with Smallness" By Design Trust

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Public Workshop 公眾工作坊: In Dialogue with Smallness 與微空間對話

On Thursday 26 Oct 2017, Mentor Gary Chang (EDGE Design Institute) and the Part(k) of the City team (Zoey Chan, DickWai Lai, Jose Fu) from the Design Trust Futures Studio programme shared their railing research and their micro-park concept at Yat Fu Lane. District15 has always been interested in how small spaces do not neccessarily have to be worse spaces and this exhibition helped to proved that.

Alongside special guest respondent Kacey Wong, guest speakers Aron Tsang (Napp Studio), Anthony Ko (Dilemma), Maggie Ma (Domat) and Hannah Yim (Domat) shared their experience on railing interventions, followed by a discussion moderated by Marisa Yiu (Design Trust).

Part(k) of the City explored the possibilities of creating micro parks through railing interventions. Inspired by how people have been adapting railings for different purposes, the team endeavored to go beyond the linear and singular use of railings (as city management barriers) to create a playful design intervention with minimal proportions (foldability and portability) with maximized functions (seating, reading, sharing).

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