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Connectere art show

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Connectere art show

The profound influence of Feng Shui, the most ancient of the Chinese traditions, sways along within our many walks of life; a physical influence permeating the core of society, its subtle meanderings weave through us like wind over water.

Address: 1/F, THE NATE, 176 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Opening dates: 1 – 10 May, 2020

Opening Hours: 14:00 – 20:00 (Mon-Sun)

THE NATE is proud to present the group exhibition Connectere, showcasing five local artists in collaboration with Feng Shui Master Kanlung Cheng. Each artist tackles one of the five elements – metal, wood, water, fire, and earth – through their respective mediums. Running from May 1st to May 10th, we cordially invite you all to experience Connectere art show, to explore the fascinating connections that bind perspectives of Feng Shui and Art.

About Master Kanlung Cheng

With a prolific rise towards the upper echelon of experts, Master Kanlung has become one of the most prominent figures in this field. For more than a decade, with a wide set of tools used in calculating providence, his command of good fortune has helped many in both business and home attain the harmony they seek.

About Amy Maria Tong Amy Maria Tong is known for her abstract experimentation on still life and portraits. Her work is often a collage of idealised, multi-layered scenarios, expressing the emotional traces from her daily encounters with society. Making use of bold colours, a range of mark-making techniques, and diverse mediums, she creates textured environments to explore the complexity of human emotions within surrealist settings.

About Angel Hui Hoi Kiu Deeply inspired by traditional Chinese art, Hui’s meticulous brushwork as a contemporary ink painter reinvestigates the idea of value within existing found objects; her works unearth the meanings of daily mundane materials – such as facial tissue, rice paper, and sometimes porcelain; the application of ink to the delicate reinfuses them with unpredictable associations and perceptions, transformative after the ink has left its mark on the nature of everyday objects.

About KC Wong Bringing in a wide berth of experience from his days in the field as the founder of Sick Sick Creation – a creative storytelling and brand building agency – KC Wong is a multi-disciplinary artist known for apt visual communication. Involved heavily with illustration, animation, visual merchandising, and art creation, his style draws fluidly from as many inspirations as his many disciplines, a testament to his deep understanding of each.

About Sharu Binnong Sikdar A Hong Kong born Indian Filipino, Sikdar’s artistic practice explores the relationship between nature and human beings. Using natural found objects such as tree branches, barks, leaves, and human hair; her labour-intensive and repetitive reconstructions with the organic creates a connection towards the ephemeral nature of life and self-growth.

About So Wing Yi, Soyi With the adamant belief that “Art can be anything in our daily life – it just depends on our observation and creation”, Soyi’s artistic process fervently incorporates different forms, often resulting in unique mixed media conceptions that strengthen our convictions towards the same belief. Not just limited to creation, this prolific artist extends her reach through a series of mediums, whether behind the dais as a speaker or through art administrative work, fully involved and searching for the elusive. Information

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