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Talk to our Leasing Manager Judy

This month, we talked with our Leasing Manager Judy. She shared the best things about living at The Nate. Read more about the interview.

1) What is the best thing about living at The Nate?

Safety. As we provide 24 hours security services at The Nate. Every resident has to use key card to enter our building. Only Nate residents can access our building. We keep our residents and their belongings safe. For example, there are security cameras in communal areas and front door to add a layer of protection. Nonetheless, we have a very well trained customer service team till 11 pm at night. 

2) What methods do you use to encourage residents to renew their lease?

Haha, it’s our business secret! Actually, there are around 50% of Nate residents would extend their stay for 1 month up to 12 months. Our retention rate is fairly high. Also, some of our residents would choose to stay with us again whenever they are in Hong Kong for work or travel, there is a resident who stayed at The Nate for 4 times in total! 

3) What are your words to those first-time residents at The Nate?

The opportunity to live in a new place while interacting with like-minded professionals and experiencing the local culture is a priceless experience. Make the most of the opportunity by ensuring that you’re a good fit for co-living and believe me The Nate is the right fit for you. 

4) If you are staying at The Nate, which studio you would like to stay?

I would definitely stay in Studio with bathtub. I love taking a bubble bath. I always think it is the most relaxing, rejuvenating moment after work.

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