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Forward Assembly presents SFW

The SFW, Safe For Work, art initiative was carried out by Forward Assembly with a Pop-Up in our Warehouses on West space. The space was used for artists to display their works.

A multimedia exhibition featuring over 20 edgy artists from different countries. Are people really comfortable with “Safe for Work”? Or, do we actually need more “So F**king What” attitude to keep us alive? SFW brings together genres and elements that we all enjoy organically. No rules, no limitations, no boundaries. An accessible opportunity to take home new sensations.

A message from Robin Peckham – curator of SFW:

Hong Kong is home to some of the most creative talents in the world, but it can be hard to find them. This is because, however visible and flamboyant they may be, it’s hard to know what kinds of category they might fit into. Labels like contemporary art and street art are relatively new, and have only exploded as self-sustaining systems within the last decade. Today, everyone is talking about, looking at, and buying art, but this wasn’t always the case. Many of Hong Kong’s most brilliant artists started and built their careers not on the circuit of galleries and art fairs, but rather in the

worlds of design, fashion, photography, music—everywhere.

SFW cuts across these labels and seeks out interesting creative practices no matter where they might find themselves.

It’s inherently interesting to look at these kinds of activities as art, and to create opportunities for sharing and exchange between creative minds around and over the barriers of their disciplines. The exhibition includes work by some two dozen practitioners—some of whom call themselves artists and some of whom do not—from around the

world, all of whom contribute to this way of looking at contemporary culture in Hong Kong.

SFW stands for both “Safe for Work” and “

Some works in the exhibition were commissioned by

brands and private clients for commercial projects, the products of day-jobs and gainful employment. Others were produced independently in the artists’ studios. Both perspectives are equally valuable, and, by looking at them side by side, it is possible to learn more about what makes an artist tick. These phrases also stand for contrasting artistic approaches: cynicism and confrontation. In today’s super-heated climate, creative work needs to find multiple ways


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